kathryn rose blackheart (filthyheart) wrote,
kathryn rose blackheart

buy me this:


thank you, size 6 please.

im getting a bit sleepy.
courtney and i are playing the question game.
trinis birthday is on the 13th. im making her a purse. and buying her a dvd. and and and. some other things maybe. she was not at work last weekend and i nearly died.
fred bought me blush because he said i needed to lighten up.
i want new mary-janes and ballet shoes. the ones i made are not working out. and its the third pair ive attempted to make.
my nose is runny and my eyes burn.
vanessa and i went shopping yesterday and i got BIG black sunglasses and two patterns, interfacing, and a bit of black satin.
i ate four pieces of pizza and two bread sticks, and yes, im going to die.
finals this week. math and fashion on tuesday. english on thursday. jordan and i are going to see saved next weekend. courtney gets here next monday. ooolala.
i think alexs child is going to be eloise.

oh. its date time.

to be continued.

and good night.
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