kathryn rose blackheart (filthyheart) wrote,
kathryn rose blackheart

i forget to write. but i always read.
work. work. work. homework. school. homework. school.
some people make me angry.
ive got a date tonight.
tomorrow jordo and i are going to amoeba and borders. i shouldnst spend money, but i will.
courtney, love. courtney love.
live hole is so pretty.
i made some pins today.
i need fabric. i need...a sweat shop.
im ready to be done with college.
its so much better than high school though.
43 days! arent you excited?
no more sleeping alone.
sometimes courtney yells at me in her sleep. i get scurred.
tomorrow is a lazy work day. im not going to talk.
oh my. oh my. oh my.

tell me everything....
123 go.
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